What A Mess!

“Please have a seat. Make yourself at home.”, and she threw her handbag onto a chair.
I looked around and found that all the chairs have things on it. If not some books, it would be a pile of magazine, or a few shopping bags or some files or even some tins of biscuits. There was not a place decent enough to actually sit down. So I remained standing for a while, not knowing what could be moved. The owner of the house realised my hesitation and she moved some of the items to make way for me to sit.  I could actually sensed that she was insulted by my observation.
How can a successful business lady be this untidy? Before coming to her house, I always have the impression that she would be a no-nonsense to messiness person. She carries herself very well and she is very professional in all her business dealings. She wears the most expansive and eats the finest. In fact her house is huge for a single woman but the living room was just beyond my imagination. Would not know about her room or the kitchen because that was the furthest I’ve been in the house.
She reminded me of my mother’s friend who stayed in a bungalow. My mum took me there for a visit. Beautiful garden, nice teak furniture, big screen TV with hi-fi and all, antiques deco. Nice. 
The auntie was showing off the place with lots of pride but that day I was not feeling very well to enjoy the show house tour.  This auntie saw my discomfort and she suggested that I take a rest on her bed. She took me into her room and, the bed! Oh my goodness, the bed was covered with clothes!
Quickly she pushed the clothes aside to make space for me to lie down, apologised for the mess saying that those clothes just got out from the sun and that she had no time to fold them into the cupboard yet. But that was no small pile of clothes! They were mountain of clothes that could be at least a few weeks old! But I was just not feeling well enough to pass any comment except appreciating her generosity and hospitality to allow me to sleep in her bed.
But how on earth can anyone tolerate such mess?  I cannot imagine her digging into the heap everytime she needs something to wear!

I am not saying that I am a neat and tidy freak. But after meeting these two ladies, I make sure that all chairs in the house are for sitting. I cannot accept people putting things on the chairs, not even their handbags! And to the best of my effort, I would make sure all clothes are folded into the cupboard. If for whatever reasons, they are left unfolded, they would not be sleeping on my bed with me!
I just do not want to be a replica of the two women!
To me, it is all about having ourselves organised. We need not answer to anyone about our private lives but I believe we owe it to ourselves to be organised. Why do we need to?
Because, to me, once you are an organised person, you would be less stressful and you save time too as you would be able to find things since you have organised all of the same kind at the same location.
You would not waste, hence saving money because you would not buy too much of the same items since you would notice what you have every time you open that drawer or that cupboard.
You would be healthier because your house would be neat and tidy, making it easier to clean and more relaxing to be in.
You would be a proud owner of your place because anyone can visit you anytime without you worrying about where to hide the broken, dirty and ugly items away from your visitors. Provided you find pride to show off your lovely home, right?
Hey, I am referring to home for the singles.
But if you have many people in the house and they are the messy lot, too bad because you either educate them or be one of them!
I do not encourage you to pick up after anyone. Never treat yourself a servant to anyone or anything; not even to your family members or your house, for the matter, unless you allow yourself to be treated as one.
Moral of my sharing: Just have a good habit to put things in places where they should be. If you do that, you would not face the trouble of finding them when you need them or need to tidy up after you create a mess by misplacing them. Simple!
I would say that this habit is useful at your business place or your work place, not just home alone.  Better if you could educate the people around you too…Agree??

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hum, this would be all good and well if only I didn't get so distracted from doing one thing to the next. I can pick up an item to put away and find something else in that spot and start cleaning that spot. Wow, then I'm reading something that I left there that shouldn't have been left there, and think I should put this away, on and on and on. I believe it's a form of ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder.) I make myself dizzy. lol

  2. Hahahaha! Dawn, you always make me laugh! Yah, I do that too. At the end, more than one spot needs clearing up would be in a mess because none of them get organised! Hehe. You so naughty, let the cat out of the bag when I was trying to show good examples! LOL!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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