Let’s do something different TODAY!

As age catches up and I look back, I realise that there are too many things that I have not done and too many places that I have not visited.

This thought gave me the courage to go snorkelling.
I am one person who only swims for fun. But never one who look forward to any long distance or competition kind of water activities. Most of all, I am no water lover. Maybe it is because of a near drown experience when I was young. Someone pushed me into the water for a practical joke which almost got me killed. I can still remember the struggle, the kicking, the grasping for air and water in my nose!
Yes, let’s try snorkelling. It should be pretty safe in shallow water, right? And I never regretted the decision, especially when I was swimming among the colourful fishes. Just like the ones I watched on documentary shows! I felt as if I have turned into a fish and swimming among my own kind. I could touch them! Wow, the fishes actually let me feel their body!
It was another world all together and there was a sudden sense of freedom, just swimming and breathing. Hey, do not underestimate the importance of snorkel breathing. You have to bite the mouth piece right to be able to breath right. And I was biting very hard!
Even having wore life jacket the whole time, time and time again fear would overcome me and I panicked. When I did, I would just try to hold on to anything to reassure myself that I am safe. Now I understand how some people can be killed trying to save a drowning person. I could kill someone also for the fear of drowning myself.
But I had a wonderful guide, swimming in the vicinity all the time. He even offered to hold my hand to guide me further from the boat to swim in deeper waters. And we did. This time we caught glimpse of some giant fishes stationary in the water. The guide told me a name which, due to old age, I have forgotten.
Anyway, to me it was scary to stare down at some almost 5 feet long fishes just below me! The scene from JAWS flashed to my mind and thank goodness, the guide was holding my hand firmly! If not, I would be swallowed into the water due to some uncalled imagination.
I had the most memorable experience of my life and I am looking forward to more. Maybe the next time, it would be scuba diving. Right, I have not done that yet.
There is so much in life that is waiting for us to experience and the world is such a wonderful place to be. All we need is to stop sometime from doing what we normally do and spend that time to feel life.

Let’s take time to just do that. Let’s enjoy life. Let’s do something different today!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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