I am just not ready

No, No, No.

I am not interested in adopting any child. Why should I when I am happy being single and carefree. A child is a burden of responsibility; financially and emotionally. And you need lots of time, care, love, patience and energy with one. Gosh, I guess I just do not have any of them.
Having pets like fishes and a tortoise are enough for the time being. Why I like them? It is because they do not make noise, no need to feed or wash or bath them everyday and best of all they do not need any immediate attention especially times when you are all tied down with urgent matters to attend to.
Who will take care of me when I am old? Why, in this modern world I do not find all children taking care of their birth parents when they get old, least an adopted child. What makes an adopted mother more special than a birth mother then? I do not think the child should be gratified with the fact that someone has adopted her or him to want to repay the adopted mother for all the sacrifices she has given to bring her or him up. How old fashion? Totally outdated kind of thinking!
After all, if I really want to adopt a child and I love the child, I would not be expecting any repay or paybacks in anyway. And what if the child turns out to be a social pest due to my slacking upbringing? Then, I would become a sinner in moulding and cultivating criminal or useless garbage into the society. Now, it is such a heavy burden to shoulder if I take on a child, right?
Am I being too paranoid about the whole issue? No, guess not because I know many adopted children who give heartaches to their adopted parents who have shown them care and love and some have even went searching for their birth parents, forsaking the ones who brought them up just because they are not the ones who have brought them to the world.
Yes, you may tell me there are good endings too. Maybe there are but I am not ready to take any chances of educating another human being. There are just too many unknowns. How their brains work, the type of genes they inherited, my own limited knowledge and experience of being a mother, and I do not want to delay my retirement age now to fend for a child’s education and well being.
Call me selfish, call me naive, call me a coward but I am just not ready to be a mother, not even if I have my own flesh and blood…at this age… in this lifetime.


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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