Banging the car door!

My first car was a Mini Austin 1965 – many, many hands.  My descendant car thereafter is always new saloons.  Second hand cars just needed too much attention and visits to the workshop.
There is some kind of pride when driving a new car when you have it for just a few days, right?  Kind of possessive too, kind of overprotecting it and kind of being very careful in handling it.
One day, a very good friend of mine closed the car door in a harder manner.  Sounded like a slamp to me.  That sound gave me a sharp pain in my heart, bringing my blood to the boil and I could not contain myself that I gave a piece of my mind there and then without much thoughts to this good old dear friend of mine.
Yes, it was ugly but we made up some time later.  That’s what friends do – fight and make up.
It took me almost one year to recall the incident and asked myself what was the big deal about the whole issue.
It was just a car.  A lousy car, a material possession, a lifeless piece of metal… and I had to be so angry with my many, many years long time good old friend.  I felt like a jerk.
In the Buddhist teaching, we are reminded that we come into this world by ourselves bringing nothing with us.  Hence, we would also leave the world by ourselves taking nothing with us
The car is definitely something I cannot carry with me.  Afterall, after a few months or a year banging the car door is not an issue anymore because it is no longer a new car that is being  treasured so much.  I am sure I am not the only one having this experience.
Eversince that incident and realisation, whenever my things are broken or spoilt or being mishandled by anyone… it is only human to feel the loss or damage…  but I would try my very best not lose my cool. 
Things, material items, even money can always be replaced or earned back, but a true friendship or person cannot…   I learned to judge true value of what is important in life… to me.


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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