the first step

My mother called me the other day after her medical check-up.  Her pressure has gone to 180/120.  And the last time I went shopping with her, she bought some bras and pants because she can no longer get into what she has.

For umpteen times, I’ve asked her to watch her diet, go for exercises and take care of herself.  I told her that if she continues her existing lifestyle of watching TV all day at the sofa and eating unhealthy stuff, she may end up suffering for her bad health.
Everytime, I say that it would remind me of the times when I complained why today’s off the rack clothes are tighter for their sizes and I ended wearing size 14.  I was almost 70kg early 2007.  I was reminded of my size and that I should lose weight by my good friends which I know I should but just did not do anything about it.
One day while I was clicking the TV remote I saw a lady with an oversize leg seeking for help over the national television.  The moment I saw her, I said aloud: Why wait until the leg grow to this size only asking for help.  Should do it when the size is still manageable so that it would not be so complicated to remedy… 
The moment I uttered those words, I was awaken.  I should NOT allow myself to gain more weight than I already have.  If I do not do anything about it now, I may end up not just being overweight but also having medical problem such as diabetic, high blood pressure and heart attack.
See, how powerful the mind is.  The moment I decided, I started taking action.  And in the next six months, I lost 12kgs.
I understand that I can keep on telling my mother to lose weight for the benefit of her health, but it is still she who needs to want to do something about it.  Because KNOWING does not trigger actions.
I am thankful that I wake up to acknowledge, accept and face my problem.
Only we can help ourselves.  The world can tell us plenty, but at the end we have to take the first step to start doing something about whatever.  If we do nothing, nothing would change…

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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