Just complacent?

Do you do the same things day in day out?
I have and I would.
There are a few cafe, restuarant, coffee shops that I would go over the week for the same few varieties of food.  Why?  Because I have confidence in the quality of food, the service, the value for the price I pay and because I am familiar with the people who sells or serve the food… 
As time passes, I have became more reserve and less adventurous to try new stuff because everytime I do, I would end up deciding the usual places are still the best.  However, ocassionally there are some new outlets which would be a regular.
Same goes to making new friends. Am now comfortable having the few good friends that I find socialising sometimes is a waste of time because there are too many superficial characters around.  Hence, I value my current friends more. Like the saying goes:  YOU DO NOT NEED MANY PEOPLE AROUND YOU, JUST ONE GOOD FRIEND IN A LIFETIME IS GOOD ENOUGH.  And I am blessed with more than one good friend.

Guess, I have settled to be fixed in my preferences.  Do not know if it is good or bad, but just complacent being so.


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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